Beginners Guide To Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

Beginners Guide To Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

When you’re venturing down the loose leaf tea journey for the first time it can be very intimidating. But do not fear it is far more simple than you could ever imagine!

It’s as easy as Scoop, Steep & Enjoy! 

How-To Video Guide


Scoop 1-2 spoonfuls of your tea into your steeper of choice! We recommend using our gold or silver scoop to measure out the perfect amount!


Using either a luxe filter bag or infuser, fill it with your desired amount of tea and place it inside of your mug. Pour your water on top of your tea bag or infuser and follow the brewing time and temperature as directed on the tea's packaging.

***Depending on the type of tea, we recommend different temperatures and steeping times so the leaves don’t burn or become bitter.


When the tea is finished steeping, remove the infuser or tea bag and enjoy! 



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