Organic tea store

Why Choose Loose Leaf Tea?

Why Loose Leaf Tea?

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality loose leaf teas. Did you know that tea is one of the most consumed beverages around the world?

Yup. There are plenty of tea varieties available, and they’ve found their way into almost every household around the world.

Cup of Té came about in 2018, after Founder Taylor Lindsay-Noel suffered a career-ending injury as a Gymnast. That’s when she decided to commit to providing others with the highest quality loose leaf teas and tea wares at affordable prices.

Organic tea store


But why organic loose leaf?

Loose leaf or tea bags? That’s a question probably all tea lovers have asked at some point in their tea journey. Truthfully, loose leaf tea has way more benefits than tea bags. Let’s look at a few below:

  1. It’s healthier

Compared to tea bags, loose leaf tea has much bigger leaves. As a result, it contains more powerful catechin antioxidants and plant polyphenols. Much of these properties are lost in tea bags, as the leaves are shredded really small.

  1. Richer flavor

Since loose leaves have more surface area than the pieces that go into tea bags, you get to steep more natural oils out of them. This of course drastically intensifies the flavor in loose leaf teas compared to tea bags - not to mention the aroma!

  1. It makes a unique gift

A tea gift basket containing loose leaves and some quality steeping equipment makes quite a gift for people who already love tea. There’s nothing a tea lover appreciates more than trying a new flavor. A gift basket could also cause someone to develop a healthy tea addiction (provided they’re not already into teas).

Organic tea gift

Loose leaf tea luxe starter kit (Gift Box)

Speaking of gifts, the Cup of Té Luxe Starter Kit is definitely worth a try! Whether you’re seeking a gift for a fellow tea lover, trying to get someone new on the tea bandwagon, or looking to start your own loose leaf tea journey, this starter kit is perfect for you.

This kit contains all you’ll need to jump right into your tea escapades. It includes:

  • Sleek Tea Infuser
  • Luxe Tin 
  • Luxe Spoon
  • (2) 100g teas of your choice!

Organic tea kit for sale

Get the starter kit now!

Luxe Organic Loose Leaf Tea

 Cup of Té offers a wide variety of organic loose leaf teas for you to choose from. Check out some of our bestsellers below:


Organic tea noms berry

 Give Noms Berry Delight organic a try


cream of earl grey organic tea

Give Cream of Earl Grey (Organic) a try


organic tea store

Buy Sip & Chill (Organic)

View the full collection of loose leaf teas.

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