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Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular and ancient beverages in the world. Invigorating, with a recognizable astringent flavor, and soft fragrance, this type of tea is a historically beloved drink of Tibetan monks.

Despite the fact that people add various organic ingredients such as sugar and honey to the green tea in order to boost its flavor even further, its unique taste is best discovered when prepared using the original recipe, with no additives involved.  

Advantages of Organic Green Tea

It is no mystery why this drink is the best remedy for treating fatigue and revitalizing someone exhausted by a long working day. Featuring low and medium caffeine content or being absolutely caffeine free at all, it is an excellent alternative to coffee and brings you a much-needed pick-me-up. It also accelerates metabolism, which makes organic green tea good for weight loss and invigoration of the whole body. The Chinese consider this drink to be rejuvenating for the skin, as it contains a good number of vitamins and micronutrients, including antioxidants.

Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea: The Variety

To date, Chinese establishments alone produce over one and a half thousand varieties of green tea (with largely varying prices organic green tea prices). Each has a unique flavor, aroma, color, and, of course, quality

How Green Tea is Produced?

The best organic loose leaf green tea is made from the upper bud and the first two leaves of a tea bush. Large leaves are not good for the tea - they cannot deliver such a full, fresh flavor.

The product is grown in many provinces of China. Premium quality raw materials are collected during early spring, when the young shoots are at their softest, juiciest, and most aromatic. This makes for the best tasting final product. The gathered leaves are allowed to undergo just 3-12% fermentation, and are not processed mechanically by any hardware.  

The process of producing the best fine tea from scratch is fully natural. It is based on collection of the crop by hand and a drying process that involves natural sunshine exclusively.

An Essential Part of Tea Ceremonies in the East

If you want to experience all the nuances of Eastern culture to the fullest, you simply cannot do without organic loose leaf green tea. In particular, you can buy it as an essential constituent of tea ceremonies.

Notice that the major part of this process is the way the tea is prepared. The secret lies in boiling the leaves slowly without throwing them indirectly into boiling-hot water. A water temperature of around 50 degrees is the most suitable for maximizing the benefits of this exotic beverage. From this you will get a brew that will last for several ingesting cycles. In fact, the highest-ranked varieties wil keep their taste even after 15 brewing cycles.

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