Tea Drinking for Beginners: Exploring the Tastes and Textures of Loose Leaf Tea

Tea Drinking for Beginners: Exploring the Tastes and Textures of Loose Leaf Tea

If you’re new to loose leaf tea, you’re in for a treat! The health benefits alone are reason enough to indulge in this age-old practice, but the taste of artfully crafted blends might just make you ditch coffee for good.

There’s never a wrong way to enjoy a fresh cup of tea, but this beginner’s guide to loose leaf tea can help you cultivate your adventure into the world of tea:

Types of Loose Leaf Teas

Not all loose leaf teas are created equal. Some teas rely on a single type of leaf, while others are blended to add flavor, texture, and aroma. Let’s start with the basic types of loose leaf tea and other tea terms you should know:

Green Tea

Popular in Asia, Green Tea is one of the most common types of tea. Despite its name, the tea comes in different colors and pairs well with fruity flavors. It’s been widely hailed as a metabolism booster and is chock full of antioxidants.

White Tea

Light and subtle, White Tea is ideal for beginners. It has minimal caffeine that won’t leave you jittery, plus the flavors aren’t overpowering.

Black Tea

Ideal for morning and mid-day pick-me-ups, Black Tea is potent and powerful, yet calming. It’s the tea drinker’s choice for inner zen and energy alike.


This sweet-flavored Chinese tea is rich in antioxidants to help power weight loss and improve your state of mind.


Naturally caffeine-free, this South African tea is light and sweet, perfect for an afternoon or after-dinner treat.


Calming and smooth, Chamomile is often used as a sedative. Part of the daisy family, chamomile boosts immune systems and can reduce stress and pain.

What You’ll Need for Your Tea Experience

It sounds counterintuitive, but tea isn’t the only thing you need to drink a cup of tea. Aside from your loose leaf tea, you’ll also need a tea infuser (similar to a tea bag) that will keep the leaves from invading the hot water while steeping. Once the tea has steeped, you’ll remove the infuser and enjoy a leaf-free cup of tea.

Tea leaves can go stale quickly, so it’s important to use a tightly sealed tin or canister to preserve the flavor. It’s also helpful to have a dedicated measuring spoon so you get the right serving each time for the best quality.

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